3 Bappebti Forex Broker With Low Deposit

The investment trend in Indonesia is starting to penetrate crypto and forex as technology continues to develop. Indonesian people are interested in forex trading which provides the best possible profit opportunities. There are 60+ bappebti forex broker in Indonesia. And finding the best forex brokers among them is difficult.

CoFTRA's role in forex trading is the same as the role of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in overseeing stock trading. In essence, CoFTRA is an overseer of commodity trading, including forex. The presence of CoFTRA in the field of forex trading increases the security and convenience of trading.

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Bappebti forex broker must be officially certified, and have a stockbroker's license number. In addition, the trading brokers must also have clear data, ranging from addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, websites, to the broker who will be responsible.

Characteristic Forex Broker in Indonesia

Choosing the right forex broker is not an easy matter, you have to ensure that the chosen broker meets certain criteria. This is to ensure comfort and safety as well as the benefits obtained in the best possible way. The following are some of the criteria that must be met when choosing an official forex broker:

1. Get a Demo Account

Official and bappebti forex broker usually include a demo account feature on the trading platform used. This ensures that new traders can try out trading simulations before using real money as practice.

So traders can train their skills and emotions with lower risk. Having a demo account also shows the broker's commitment to providing all the facilities needed to support a trader's success.

2. Low Spreads

The spread or difference in the price of buying and selling a currency is a cost that can cut a trader's profit significantly. That is why, the best bappebti forex broker must provide trading services with low spread costs. Traders should also pay attention to whether or not the chosen broker charges other fees.

3. Registered with the Monetary Authority

To become an official bappebti forex broker, the brokerage firm must register with a region's competent financial authority. In Indonesia, the competent authority to supervise foreign currency transaction activities is the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA).

That is why, traders must ensure that the chosen forex broker is registered with CoFTRA. Some foreign forex brokers can still be used in Indonesia. However, customers will not be protected by financial authorities in case of money theft due to the use of unregistered forex brokers.

4. Get the Best Trading Tools

A trader usually needs a lot of tools to be able to analyze forex price movements. One of the characteristics of a good bappebti forex broker is that it provides a variety of complete and free trading tools. Examples: business calendar, time zone converter, volatility calculator, and currency correlation matrix.

5. Best Security System

Don't let the profit and deposit money you have in your account disappear because of poor security. Hackers can easily break into trading systems that do not provide multiple layers of security.

Make sure at least that the bappebti forex broker you choose has the latest security systems such as the use of separate accounts, HTTPS / SSl, and Anti-Phishing Technology.

6. Low Transaction Fee

In addition to spread fees, you should also pay attention to whether the bappebti forex broker you are using has other fees such as withdrawal fees or premium service fees. This is an important factor that you must pay attention to, because low transaction fees can add up to higher profits.

For official forex brokers operating in Indonesia, a withdrawal fee is usually charged if you use a different bank than the one used by the broker. As for foreign forex brokers, they usually have a fairly large minimum withdrawal limit and large interbank transfer fees.

7. Use the Latest Trading Platforms

In order for order execution to run quickly, you should choose an official forex broker that uses at least the MetaTrader 4 and higher platform. This platform is quite popular in the world of forex trading and can be used on desktop computers or smartphones. This platform also has a sophisticated security system that gives traders a sense of security.

Best Bappebti Forex Broker

To make it easier for you to decide which broker to choose, Narabasa.com has compiled the top 3 official forex brokers in Indonesia. Each broker application has its own features and benefits. You can choose according to your needs and budget, here is the list:

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1. Bappebti Forex Broker - Cyber ​​​​​​Futures

Cyber ​​​​​​Futures is an official forex broker with license number 439/BAPPEBTI/SI/VIII/2004. You can trade various commodities ranging from forex, gold, silver, to CPO. You can trade with low spreads and free exchanges.

Cyber ​​​​Future already uses the MetaTrader 4 platform with an easy registration process. Cyber ​​​​Future is also equipped with 50 indicators and trading tools so that traders can easily analyze price movements. You can start trading with Cyber ​​​​Futures with a minimum deposit of US $ 100 through all local banks in Indonesia.

2. Future Capital IDS

PT IDS Kapital Berjangka is headquartered in South Jakarta and is officially registered with CoFTRA with license number 0002/UPTP/SIP/5/2020. PT IDS Kapital Berjangka focuses on client satisfaction. Not only facilitating forex trading services, this broker also facilitates trading in stocks, precious metals, and crude oil.

The IDS Kapital Futures platform is considered easy to use. Furthermore, this bappebti forex broker facilitates special education and training to assist clients in dealing with the future trading climate. In addition, it has Metatrader 5 which has the latest advantages.

IDS Kapital Berjangka is regularly monitored by the regulator and placed in a separate account. This security is strengthened by the settlement of transactions under the guarantee of the clearing house as PT IDS Kapital Berjangka is a member of the Indonesian Clearing House (IHC).

3. Monex Investindo Futures (MIFX)

Monex Investindo Futures or MIFX is an official bappebti forex broker company with operating license No. 178/BAPPEBTI/SI/I/2003. MIFX has an affordable minimum deposit of IDR 5,000,000 which is ideal for trading.

The spread fee charged is only 0.1 pips without commission. MIFX also provides Free SWAP facility which is free of interest so it is safe for Muslim traders. Traders do not have to worry about their money being taken away because customers' money will be stored in a separate account that the broker (separate account) cannot access.

MIFX also allows traders to use micro lots of 0.01 lots making it more affordable for new traders. Also enjoy trading without delay thanks to the use of the MIFX App, MIFX MetaTrader 4, MIFX MetaTrader 5.


Trading activities become safer and more profitable, if you use an Official bappebti forex broker in Indonesia. Also make sure you know the trading strategy that fits your risk profile. Don't forget to find out how to calculate investment costs so that the profit you get is more optimal.

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